Contract Repackaging

Custom Filled Dispensing Components

Manually filling syringes with adhesives, silicones, epoxies and other liquids from bulk contain- ers can be time consuming, messy and wasteful. And some liquids contain harmful fumes. Our fluid packaging solutions ensure that customers receive their specified materials packaged in the syringe or cartridge type and size of choice. This includes two component materials.

Pre-Filled Air Syringe Barrels

Syringe barrels are supplied packaged in sizes from 1cc to 500cc for most sin- gle part materials as well as resin pre-mixed and frozen materials. Barrels are silicone free and industrial grade strength for use with even the most aggres- sive adhesives and fluids. We provide syringes filled with your specified material and packaged air-free for controlled dispensing. By receiving your material packaged ready in a high quality barrel, you eliminate the need to transfer from drums, cans or tins. Each barrel is supplied with a data label including batch code, part no., date of fill, shelf life and material safety information. Barrels can be used with a full range of manual or pneumatic guns or when feeding a metering valve system. Pistons are selected to suit the type of material. Flat walled pistons for very high viscosity fluids, dual wiper pistons for lower viscosity fluids, rubber pis- tons for braze pastes. Caps are used to provide an air-tight seal for shipping and storage. All barrels feature a luer lock thread to allow attachment of a dis- pensing tip. Barrels are supplied with reduced air entrapment and include pre-inserted wip- er pistons and cap seals. We only use the highest quality plastic components that are silicone free and industrial grade safe. Syringe barrels can be sup- plied as manual hand assemblies, either with or without graduations or as thick walled barrels for use on air powered dispensers.

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