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Non Contact Piezo Jet Valve TS9800

The Fastest Non Contact Jet Valve Dispensing System The smart jet valve delivers ultra ‐ fast and high precision dispensing results for a wide range of adhe ‐ sives and viscosi Ɵ es. The high speed piezo actuator enables the valve to dispense as fast as 1500 Hz. con Ɵ nuously with up to 2000 Hz maximum burst and produce micro shot as small as 0.5 nL. TS9800 series jet valve compact size and modular design aids integra Ɵ on into robo Ɵ c systems. The valve features fully adjustable parameter se ƫ ngs, allowing the operator to change the je ƫ ng proper ‐ Ɵ es for di ff erent fl uid types and op Ɵ mize the process for repeatable dispensing. Every component of the valve was designed to the highest tolerances and manufactured to the strictest degree of precision insuring world class accuracy and repeatability in drop ‐ to ‐ drop dispensing volume. Key Features Fast dispense frequency, up to 1500 Hz con Ɵ nuous, up to 2000 Hz max burst for higher throughput Micro shot size as small as 0.5 nL for small component applica Ɵ ons Capable of je ƫ ng low to high viscosity fl uid Localized fl uid housing heater for be Ʃ er viscosity stabiliza Ɵ on and dispensing (op Ɵ onal) Touch screen user ‐ friendly interface for easy setup Parameters can be adjusted remotely

The valve is shipped with the following items: • 30 CC Syringe Bracket • 10 CC Syringe adapters • Luer fl uid inlet fi ƫ ng

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Typical Applica Ɵ ons Electronics Edge sealing, end sealing of LCDs and OLEDs

Speci fi ca Ɵ ons Size Valve: Size Controller: TS9800 ‐ TT7 ‐ NH Weight Controller: Max Fluid Pressure: TS9800 ‐ TT15 ‐ H TS9800 ‐ TT7 ‐ H TS9800 ‐ TT15 ‐ NH Weight Valve:

Jet Valve, TT1.5, with Heater, w/o Nozzle Jet Valve, TT0.7, with Heater, w/o Nozzle Jet Valve, TT1.5, without Heater or Nozzle Jet Valve, TT0.7, without Heater or Nozzle

Dispensing Valves

Die bonding, Frame bonding for camera module assembly Je ƫ ng silicone phosphor in the LED assembly process Je ƫ ng under ‐ fi ll in micro ‐ electronic PCBA LED Assembly Je ƫ ng silicone phosphor Je ƫ ng under ‐ fi ll for fl ip chip LEDs Je ƫ ng conformal coa Ɵ ng

(mm) W x D x H: 16 x 69.3 x 124.8 (mm) W x D x H: 137 x 181 x 126

258 g 2.11kg 6.9 bar

Medical Device & Life Science Je ƫ ng UV adhesives for bonding Je ƫ ng sealant for gaske Ɵ ng Je ƫ ng reagents to test strips Medical Assembly Je ƫ ng UV sealant for gaske Ɵ ng Je ƫ ng greases for lubrica Ɵ on Je ƫ ng ink for marking

Nozzle Orifice Dia. Range: Parameter sets Memory: Standard Interface: Operating Temperature:

0.05 mm to 0.40mm

50 sets internally; unlimited ext. DB15, RS-232, Ethernet, USB

10 °C – 50 °C

Power Connection:

110/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Wetted Part: Certification:

304SS, Carbide, EPDM, TEFLON®


TS980 Jet Valve Controller

TS980 smart controller features an intui Ɵ ve touchscreen user interface for easy setup and opera Ɵ on. Dispensing parameters can be quickly dialed ‐ in on the touchscreen. Industry 4.0 compliant for remote access and control over Ethernet networks, allowing users to monitor, record data and make precise parameter adjustments from a remote loca Ɵ on. Modular design characteris Ɵ cs such as external power source provide lower ‐ cost system maintenance. Specifications

Controller Size (inches) W x D x H: 5.40 x 7.13 x 4.96 Controller Size (mm) W x D x H: 137 x 181 x 126 Controller Weight: 2110g Max Fluid Pressure: 6.9 bar Certification: TUV, KC PSE, NRTL, CE

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Jet Valve Controller

TS980 Jet Controller

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