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Two component cartridges

Model TS6500 Automa Ɵ c Techkit and Semkit Cartridge Mixer

The TS6500 Series cartridge mixer provides full automa Ɵ c mixing of two ‐ component materials fi lled in a Techkit or Semkit cartridge kit. The feature rich TS6500 Series accommodates all standard size cartridge kits ranging from 2.5 oz (74ml) to 20 oz. (591ml) and is usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories and universal power supply. Key Features: • Universal power supply for worldwide use

• Automatic fluid level sensing device for all kit sizes– No need to set stroke length • Automatically injects hardener into resin to provide uniform mixed material • Robust, high torque motor to handle high viscosity material • Safety features include safety enclosure, emergency stop button and two-hand start • User programmable manual and automatic mixing cycle settings • 10 programmable memories for storing and recalling most frequently used mix cycle • Quick and easy to replace cartridge holder and plunger - No tool needed • User friendly firmware for easy setup • Robust and sturdy platform for heavy industrial used • RoHS, WEEE compliance Specifications: Size: Part Code Descrip Ɵ on TS6500CIM ‐ 6 Mixer for 2.5, 6, 8oz

398mm W x 538mm D x 1032mm H

TS6500CIM ‐ 20 TS6500CIM ‐ SMR ‐ 6 TS6500CIM ‐ RS ‐ 6

Mixer for 2.5, 6, 8oz Reduced Speed Mixer for 2.5, 6, 8oz Steel Mix Rod



Internal Voltage: Motor Speed:

120-230VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2 Amp

139 RPM

Mixer for 20oz

Air Inlet:

80 psi (5.5 Bar) Min.

TS6500CIM ‐ SMR ‐ 20 Mixer for 20oz Steel Mix Rod

Stroke Speed:

33 Strokes/minute (fully extended)

CK6500 ‐ 10 CK6500 ‐ 6 CK6500 ‐ 20

Conversion Kit for 10oz Conversion Kit for 2.5, 6, 8oz Conversion Kit for 20oz

Meets or exceeds:

CE, cTUV-us


1 year

Techkit Cartridge Mixing

Model 1088 Automa Ɵ c Techkit and Semkit Cartridge Mixer The Model 1088 mixer provides complete automa Ɵ c mixing of fi lled packages. Use of the mixer will minimise operator set up of the machine for di ff erent kit con fi gura Ɵ ons, reduce worker fa Ɵ gue, and assures the user a more thorough and consistent mix, kit to kit. Key Features: • Single switch adjustment to mix packages including: Specifications: Size: 300mm W x 380mm x 1032mm H

2.5oz with 6” dasher rod 2.5oz with 8” dasher rod 6oz with 6” dasher rod 6oz with 8” dasher rod 8oz with 8” dasher rod



Motor Speed: Height Min/ Max:

150 RPM

775 / 975mm

Air Inlet:

85 psi (5.9 Bar) to 95 psi (6.6 Bar)

Air Rate Required:

Min. 3.5 CFM

• Automatic injection of catalyst (injection style kits) • Guarding door to ensure operator safety during mixing • Stroke counter for improved consistency and quality • Fully pneumatic non-electrical operation • Heavy duty motor to manage high viscosity chemicals Part Code Descrip Ɵ on 235154 Mixer for 2.5, 6, 8oz Standard 235197 Mixer for 20oz Standard 235181 Mixer for 2.5, 6, 8oz High Power 235190 Mixer for 20oz High Power

Max. Working Stroke: 250mm Max. Torque at Driver: 29 Nm Meets or exceeds: CE Warranty: 1 year

Model 285 Techkit/ Semkit Cartridge Mixer

The Model 285 Semkit uses a drive spindle that rotates the mixing rod while the operator strokes the cartridge ver Ɵ cally, permi ƫ ng the rota Ɵ ng dasher to mix the materials. The bell Ɵ mer alerts the operator when the mix cycle is completed. The mixer weighs less than 4.6kg and is easily portable.

Model 488 LW Techkit/ Semkit Cartridge Mixer

Key Features: • Semi-Automatic mix of Semkit/Techkits • Easy to operate • Provides consistent, uniform mixing • Reduces time and effort for thorough mixing • Bell timer signals completion of mix • Totally portable Part Code Descrip Ɵ on 234535 Mixer, 220V AC 229340 Mixer, 110V AC 233500 Pneuma Ɵ c Only

Model 488 LW mixer is lightweight and designed to mix kits at dynamic point of use. Examples include ships, aircra Ō  carriers, fl ight lines or maintenance bays. Con fi gured for 20oz Semkit or Techkit cartridges. Pneuma Ɵ c only. Part Code 235260 Specifications: Weight: 18kg Motor Speed: 130 RPM Air Inlet: 85-90 psi Meets or exceeds: CE Warranty: 1 year

Specifications: Weight: Internal Voltage:


110 or 220 VAC

The mini mixer is a tool to mix all types of Semkit, Techkits on a drill with a 3/8 Inch chuck. Part Code Descrip Ɵ on 209941 Mini Mixer

Motor Speed: Stroke Speed:

130 RPM

Manual Only

Meets or exceeds:



1 year

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