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TS9000 Jet Tech Non Contact Valve

The TS9000 Series Jet Tech valve is a non-contact dispense valve capable of jeƫng low to high viscosity fluid. Jet Tech offers a fast jeƫng acƟon producing hundreds of precise droplets in less than one second. Jet Tech’s compact size and modular design aids integraƟon into roboƟc systems. The valve features fully adjustable parameter seƫngs, allowing the operator to change the jeƫng properƟes for different fluid types and opƟmize the process for repeatable dispensing. A variety of nozzles shape and sizes provides a wide spectrum of output jet deposits.


The TS9000 Jet Tech can be used in wide range of applicaƟons. Some examples of processes and applicaƟons are:

• Jeƫng silver epoxies for die bonding processes

• Jeƫng silicone phosphor in LED assembly process

• Jeƫng under-fill in micro-electronic applicaƟons on PCBA

• Jeƫng micro dots UV adhesive on medical devices

Key Features:

• Non contact Jeƫng technology

• Extremely high speed

Below is a parƟal list of fluids that TS9000 Series Jet Tech valve has successfully dispensed:

• Accurate and precise dispensing

• Repeatable drop size as small as 2 nl

• Alpha WS-619 Flux • Chemiseal AF8-U1499 • Chemitech U2077ML • Dymax 3099 • Dymax 1201-M-T-SC • Dymax 1180-M-T-UR • Eccobond A316-48 • Eccobond DP1005-HP • EMI 1748S-HTG-HV3 • EMI 1768-VTG • EMI 3553 • Henkel 3536 • Henkel 4530 • Henkel 5431 • Humiseal UV40 Series • Hysol QMI 509

• Hysol 3800 • Hysol 3808 • Hysol 3593

• Capable of jeƫng low to high viscosity fluid

• Small modular design

• LocƟte UV3103 • LocƟte UV3105 • LocƟte UV3106 • LocƟte UV3974 • LocƟte 3621 • LocƟte UV 9060F • Namics 8439 • Namics 8410 • Namics 8443 • Norland 123 TKHGA • ThreeBond 3042C • ShinEtzu SIFEL8470 • Cytobond

• Easy and fast cleaning

• Field replaceable spare parts

• Reduces downƟme

• Low total cost of ownership


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