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DISP-5600 PeristalƟc Pump Dispenser

PeristalƟc pump dispensers transfer low viscosity liquids by pressure displace- ment applied by a turning rotor against a PTFE tube carrying the material. Usually these pumps are selected because the liquids might be hazardous or difficult to work with where it is preferable to limit any operator exposure. Another reason is that peristalƟc pumps are completely air free. By not using compressed air, moisture sensiƟve adhesives such as Cyanoacrylates will perform beƩer and will not prematurely cure or frost in the boƩles. This sys- tem is supplied with a full starter kit including PTFE tubing roll, angled bent Ɵp kit selecƟon box, user guide and product manuals. The pump is bidirecƟonal allow- ing snuff-back aŌer discharge to prevent dripping of the fluid.



Air-free dispensing


Forward and reverse moƟon


Dispenser 220V

Self priming from boƩle or jar

Operates from finger switch or panel

Adjustable rotor speed


Size: 184 D x 190 W x 94 mm H Dispense Time: Forward Mode 0~999° Reverse Mode 0~999° Cycle:

Momentary & ConƟnuous steady


220V AC

Min Dot Size: Max Viscosity:

0.0001cc (f0.2*f0.7) Up to 10,000 cps


3.5 kg


CE approved, RoHS compliant


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