700 series syringe barrels High-density industrial grade syringe barrels suitable for use to 100 psi. Silicone free plastics. Luer lock tip attachment. Use with air powered dispensers and syringe guns.

Syringe barrel end caps snap on Syringe caps provide an airtight seal to both ends of the barrel. Ideal for storing filled syringes for periods of time. End caps seal the barrel top. Tip caps seal the luer tip end and fit all barrels.

Syringe barrel adapter heads Includes o-ring and metal clamp for a secure attachment to adapter hose tube.

Part Code 703003R 705003R 710003R 730003R


Pack Size

3cc 5cc

1 1 1 1

Part Code

Size/ Colour 3cc clear 5cc clear 10cc clear 30cc clear 55cc clear 3cc black 5cc black 10cc black 30cc black 55cc black 3cc amber 5cc amber 10cc amber 30cc amber 55cc amber

Pack Size

Part Code

Size/ Colour 3cc Orange 5cc Orange 10cc Orange

Pack Size

7030LL1NPK 7050LL1NPK 7100LL1NPK 7300LL1NPK 7550LL1NPK 7030LL1BPK 7050LL1BPK 7100LL1BPK 7300LL1BPK 7300LL1BPK 7030LL1DPK 7050LL1DPK 7100LL1DPK 7300LL1DPK 7550LL1DPK

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50


703000CRPK 705000CRPK 710000CRPK 730000CRPK

50 50 50 50


30/55cc Orange

Syringe barrel tip caps 7015LLPK Orange

50 50 50 50 50 50

7015LLBPK 7015LLWPK 900-WHTC 900-ORTC

Black White

Clear (tri-seal) Orange (tri-seal) Black (tri-seal)


Syringe barrel adapter o-rings Rubber o-rings for syringe barrel adapters. EPR rubber or Viton rubber.

Part Code P3015EPK P3016EPK P3017EPK P3018EPK P3019VPK P3020VPK P3021VPK P3022VK


Pack Size

3cc EPR Rubber 5cc EPR Rubber 10cc EPR Rubber

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Tip shields Plastic tip covers push over the tip to provide a safe seal. Suitable for all tips up to 1.5” long. Silicone free plastics. Red tip covers seal the ends of 14, 16 and 18 gauge tapered tips.

30/55cc EPR Rubber 3cc Viton Rubber 5cc Viton Rubber 10cc Viton Rubber 30/55cc Viton Rubber

Part Code 7016TC 7016TTC

Size/ Colour

Pack size


50 50


700 series syringe pistons Medium-density polyethylene syringe pistons for use with industrial barrels. Silicone-free and industrial safe to 100 psi. Use white for general purpose, blue for high performance no drips and red when dispensing stringy and thick gels. All components are supplied in sealed packs. Bulk bags of 1000 pieces are also available.

Inline hose filter trap Inline filter trap used in barrel adapter assembly to reduce liquid suck back into any pneumatic dispenser. Supplied with clamps and luer fittings. Use when dispensing cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Syringe barrel adapters Provides the air link between pneumatic dispenser and syringe barrel. One piece moulded head with o-ring. Clear flexible air hose with male quick connect fitting.

Part Code

Description Filter trap

Pack Size


1 1

Part Code

Size/ Colour 3cc white 3cc red 3cc blue 5cc white 5cc red 5cc blue 10cc white 10cc red 10cc blue 30/55cc white 30/55cc red 30/55cc blue

Pack size


Filter trap ¼” OD

7030009WPK 7030006RPK 703007BLPK 7050009WPK 7050006RPK 705007BLPK 7100009WPK 7100006RPK 710007BLPK 7300009WPK 7300006RPK 7300006RPK

50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

Part Code 70303RHB 70306RHB 70503RHB 70506RHB 71003RHB 71006RHB 73003RHB 73006RHB


Length 3 foot 6 foot 3 foot 6 foot 3 foot 6 foot 3 foot 6 foot

3cc 3cc 5cc 5cc

Dispenser filter muffler Cleanroom filter muffler fitting. Filters air output to 0.5 microns. Fits into rear air exhaust port on most dispensers.

10cc 10cc

30/55cc 30/55cc

Part Code

Description Filter muffler

Pack Size




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