Cyanoacrylate adhesives 50g Industrial grade instant adhesives. Highest quality blended materials. For rubber, plastic, metal, paper and card bonding. In 50gram or 500gram sized bottles. Activator is in 200ml aerosol. Debonder glue remover is in 50gram bottle.

UV Cure adhesives An advanced range of solvent free UV curable adhesives that provide a revolutionary solution for glass, plastic and metal assemblies. From rigid structural bonds to flexible elastomers, this group of products will cure on demand, yet still provide visual clarity. Also available in 250ml & 1000ml

bottles. Part No UV01-50

Part No GB06-50 GB01-50 GB16-50 GB44-20 GB80-50

Description Low viscosity




Clear Clear Clear Clear Black Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Black

UV clear bond general Glass/ metal bonder Glass/ plastic bonder Glass/ plastic bonder

50ml 50ml 50ml 50ml 50ml 50ml 50ml

Medium viscosity

040111-50 UV3088-50 040116-50 UV4006-50 120908HS 0810-2000

High viscosity 20g gel tube

Rubber toughened

Plastic UV bonder

SA01 DB50

Spray activator 200m can CA Remover Debonder

Plastics/ metal bonder

UV doming resin

Cyanoacrylate adhesives 500g GB06-500 Low viscosity


LED UV Torch 1 Watt


Prefilled syringe barrels

GB01-500 GB16-500 GB80-500

Med. viscosity High viscosity

Syringe barrels are available packaged in sizes from 1cc to 60cc for most single part materials as well as resin pre-mixed and frozen materials.

Rubber toughened

We provide syringes filled with your selected material and packaged air-free for controlled dispensing. By receiving your material packaged in a high quality barrel, you eliminate the need to transfer from drums, cans or tins. Each barrel is supplied with a data label including batch code, part no, date of fill, shelf life and material safety information.

Epoxy resin, acrylics, PU’s EP1 General purpose putty 56g

Green Silver Green


Steel strong putty 56g Aqua stick putty 56g Fast setting putty 28g 1:1 Steel strong epoxy 28g 1:1 Rapid cure epoxy 50ml 1:1 Low odour acrylic 50ml 1:1

Clear Silver Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear

Anaerobic adhesives 50g bottles Anaerobic adhesives cure in the absence of air. These adhesives are designed to lock and seal metal components and fasteners and are available in a range of thicknesses, from thin water to heavy paste. Also available in 250 gram sized bottles.


6000-50 EP6-40 EP9-50 EP7-50 EP8-50

PU flexible resin 40ml

PU rigid plastic repair 50ml PU semi-rigid resin 50ml

PU flexible resin 50ml

Range of epoxy adhesives, acrylics and PUs are versatile and easy to use, solvent free they provide excellent adhesion. These can be used to bond or repair a wide range of materials.

Part No


Colour Purple

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