ADL Pinch Valves and Pressure Pots

Manual Hand Dispensing Systems using the TS1201 Pinch Tube Valve

Precision General Purpose Dispensing Tips Supplied in sealed boxes of (50) tips

Part Code Description

AD712050 AD713050 AD714050 AD715050 AD716050 AD717050 AD718050 AD720050 AD721050 AD722050 AD723050 AD725050 AD726050 AD727050 AD730050 AD732050 AD734025

12GA, Blue, 2.26mm ID, 2.77mm OD 13GA, Red, 1.78mm ID, 2.54mm OD 14GA, Olive, 1.55mm ID, 1..83mm OD 15GA, Amber, 1.37mm ID, 1.65mm OD 16GA, Grey, 1.19mm ID, 1.45mm OD 17GA, Yellow, 1.04mm ID, 1.40mm OD 18GA, Green, 0.84mm ID, 1.27mm OD 20GA, Pink. 0.61mm ID, 0.91mm OD 21GA, Purple, 0.51mm ID, 0.81mm OD 22GA, Blue, 0.41mm ID, 0.71mm OD 23GA, Orange, 0.33mm ID, 0.64mm OD 25GA, Red, 0.25mm ID, 0.51mm OD 26GA, Peach, 0.24mm ID, 0.45mm OD 27GA, Clear, 0.20mm ID, 0.41mm OD 30GA, Lavender, 0.15mm ID, 0,.30mm OD 32GA, Yellow, 0.10mm ID, 0.23mm OD 34GA, Lime, 0.08mm ID, 0.21mm OD

The TE needle series consist of a stainless-steel shaft with a double helix polypropylene hub. This premier line of dispens- ing needles is burr-free, and electro-polished shaft for unob- structed and consistent material flow. In addition they are silicone and chloride free. Designed to dispense most viscosity fluids and adhesives and safe for use to 100 psi. All needle tips are safe to use up to 100 psi air pressure. Luer lock attachment ensures a twist- on to tips and fittings which is safe for use under high pres- sures. Details listed here are for our standard 0.5” Long (12.7mm). Also available in tube lengths of 0.25”, 1.0”, 1.5” and 2.0”.

* Please note: AD734025 are 1/4” (6.35mm) long.

* Tips are also available in bulk packs of 500 or 1000.

Part Code Description


14GA, Olive, 1.55mm ID, Stiff Plastic 16GA, Grey, 1.19mm ID, Stiff Plastic 18GA, Green, 0.84mm ID, Stiff Plastic 20GA, Pink. 0.61mm ID, Stiff Plastic 22GA, Blue, 0.41mm ID, Stiff Plastic 25GA, Red, 0.25mm ID, Stiff Plastic 27GA, Clear, 0.20mm ID, Stiff Plastic 27GA, Orange, 0.20mm ID, Stiff Plastic 30GA, Lavender, 0.10mm ID, Stiff Plastic 34GA, Lime, 0.08mm ID, Stiff Plastic

Smooth Flow Tapered Dispensing Tips Supplied in sealed boxes of (50) tips



TT14-DHUV 14GA, Olive, 1.55mm ID, Soft Plastic TT16-DHUV 16GA, Grey, 1.19mm ID, Soft Plastic TT18-DHUV 18GA, Green, 0.84mm ID, Soft Plastic TT20-DHUV 20GA, Pink. 0.61mm ID, Soft Plastic TT22-DHUV 22GA, Blue, 0.41mm ID, Soft Plastic TT25-DHUV 25GA, Red, 0.25mm ID, Soft Plastic TT27-DHUV 27GA, Clear, 0.20mm ID, Soft Plastic

Tapered tips are typically used with high viscosity pastes & gels because the smooth flow design allows materials to trav- el without restriction. But they can be used with most fluids including less viscous liquids. Our range is high performance tapered tips in 7 gauge sizes from 14 to 27. Suitable for many fluids including solder pastes, fluxes, gels, epoxies, grease, compounds, particle filled materials, adhe- sives, silicones, sealants, UV cure and RTV's. The tapered tip series designed with a double helix threads and universal luer lock to provide secure connection to industrial syringes or dispense valves. ADL tapered tips are certified industrial grade safe for use under high pressures and are silicone-free plastics. All tips are burr-free and provide high levels of con-

* Tips are also available in bulk packs of 500 or 1000.

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