730007BLPK 30cc/55cc Easy Flow Piston TDS

730007BLPK 30cc/55cc Easy Flow Piston TDS


730007BLPK Blue Easy Flow PE Piston 30/55cc

Product Description Part 730007BLPK is a polyethylene air piston with easy flow fit to both the 30cc and 55cc syringe barrels designed to reduce air entrapment and oozing. It consists of a moulded blue polyethylene piston suitable for use with our 30/55cc syringe barrels (700 series) with SyringeGuns and air powered dispensers. Typical Applications Use this 30/55cc piston for dispensing of most low, medium and high viscosity fluids including adhesives, solvents, inks, paints, primers, RTVs, silicones, activators, lubricants, pastes and gels. The piston has a light fit inside the barrel which reduces the effect of stringing and oozing. Instructions 1. Insert piston to a filled 30/55cc 700 series syringe barrel. 2. Push piston down so it sits on top of the liquid level. 3. Push on one side of the inner piston to allow air to escape and ensure the piston moves down without restriction. 4. If using our syringe filling station, push piston into the empty syringe barrel and material will transfer into the syringe pushing the piston up as it fills.

Technical Information

Piston Size: Colour: Diameter: Height: Construction:



23.00 mm 16.00 mm Polyethylene

Options The 730007BLPK polyethylene pistons are also available in a syringe assembly pre-filled with the adhesive, paste, liquid of your specification. We can provide the syringes in sealed packs without air entrapment. We also have bench standing or hand held syringe filling systems available to fill barrels incorporating this piston. Packaging The 730007BLPK polyethylene piston is supplied in sealed packs of 20 or in bulk packs of 1000. Health & Safety in Use Pistons are safe and hygienic, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being dispensed. This piston inserts easily in the syringe and is safe for use to 100psi. All plastics are certified silicone free to prevent adhesive contamination. For controlled dispensing, we recommend our TS250 pneumatic timer system rather than manual syringe assemblies or hand guns. Benefits • Silicone free plastics • Safe for use to 100 psi • Compatible with most liquids, adhesives and gels • Effective wiper action without drips • Always available from stock • Available as part of pre-filled syringe Most of our components are available to order direct from stock. Our web shop provides secure and encrypted online purchasing. We also offer credit accounts. Please fax us your order to 0845 652 0059.

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