TS924 Footvalve Adhesive Dispenser

Pneumatic footvalve dispenser for glues & pastes Adhesives Glues Pastes RTVs Silicones Paints Grease Epoxies Resins

The TS924 is a cost-effective non-timed air powered dispenser. It’s designed to be placed on the foot, where the operator presses the pedal to provide a flow of air pressure. This system does not feature a timer, so shot size is decided by how long the pedal is pressed down. By setting the air pressure, flow rate can be adjusted to suit the viscosity of the material being dispensed. Up to 100psi can be set for heavy materials such as solder paste, silicone, RTV, grease or gels. The TS924V version features vacuum suck-back to prevent drips of more watery liquids. All dispensers are supplied with a syringe barrel assortment, tip kit assortment, adapter assembly, user guide. Systems are CE certified. Covered by a 1 year warranty. This classic designed floor dispenser is simple to use and operate and we offer full technical support for setting up.


Timer: None Output Pressure: Up to 100 psi Input Pressure: 50-100 psi Cabinet Size: 200 x 127 x 127 mm Weight: 1.82 kg (4 lb.) Input Voltage: n/a (pneumatic only) Cycle Rate: n/a (manual operated only) Timing Repeatability: n/a Meets or Exceeds: CE Certified Warranty: 1 Year

TS924 Model. 0-100 PSI

TS924V Model. 0-100 PSI with vacuum

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