Syringe Barrels & Accessories Adhesive Dispensing Ltd branded 900 series syringe barrel components feature highly accurate processes to combine minimal resistance and ultra consistency over the diameter and length of the syringe barrel. These features make them the first choice for packaging high value fluids and pastes for accurate dot and line dispensing. Syringe barrels are manufactured from premium grade, silicone-free, polypropylene. Natural for all non UV materials, amber for UV protection up to 520nm visible light, and opaque black for maximum light protection. Suitable for pneumatic use on dispensers to 100 psi pressure or for manual when used with syringe gun or plunger rod accessories. AD900 Series Syringe Barrels - Silicone-Free - Chloride Free Available in high-grade, silicone-free polypropylene for non UV materials, amber for UV protection up to 520nm visible light, and opaque black for maximum light protection. All parts are held in stock.


Pack Qty.







3cc 5cc

50 50 50 50 50

AD903 ‐ N AD905 ‐ N AD910 ‐ N AD930 ‐ N AD955 ‐ N

AD903 ‐ D AD905 ‐ D AD910 ‐ D AD930 ‐ D AD955 ‐ D

AD903 ‐ B AD905 ‐ B AD910 ‐ B AD930 ‐ B AD955 ‐ B

9.58mm 12.70mm 15.72mm 22.63mm 22.63mm

11.56mm 14.99mm 18.29mm 25.15mm 25.15mm

75.18mm 71.90mm 90.93mm 118.36mm 175.51mm

10cc 30cc 55cc

AD900 Series Air Powered Polyethylene Pistons - Silicone-Free - Chloride Free Pistons spread pressure evenly across the fluid and trap fluid in the syringe. They reduce fumes. Pistons also prevent tunneling when using higher viscosity fluids. White pistons for use with all materials. Blue easy flow for most low viscosity materials. Red flat wall pistons for stringy, tacky solvent based thick glues. Rubber black pistons for braze pastes, etc. Size Pack Qty. White Blue Red Black OD Height 3cc 50 AD903 ‐ WW 7030007BLPK AD903 ‐ SWR AD903 ‐ RP 9.58mm 9.50mm 5cc 50 AD905 ‐ WW 7050007BLPK AD905 ‐ SWR AD905 ‐ RP 12.70mm 9.50mm 10cc 50 AD910 ‐ WW 7100007BLPK AD910 ‐ SWR AD910 ‐ RP 15.72mm 10.0mm 30cc/55cc 50 AD930 ‐ WW 7300007BLPK AD930 ‐ SWR AD930 ‐ RP 22.63mm 16.0mm

Industrial Dispensing Components

AD900 Series Syringe Barrels & Piston Kits - Silicone-Free - Chloride Free For your convenience, these syringe barrels and wiper pistons are packaged together without pistons inserted. Kits with other pistons are also now available. Sold in bulk and packs of (50) of each part. Kit shows natural barrel / piston colour choice. Size Pack Qty. Clear/ White Clear/ Blue Clear/ Red Clear/ Black Barrel OD Length 3cc 50 AD903 ‐ NW AD903 ‐ NEF AD903 ‐ NWR AD903 ‐ NRP 11.42mm 75.18mm 5cc 50 AD905 ‐ NW AD905 ‐ NEF AD905 ‐ NWR AD905 ‐ NRP 14.73mm 77.47mm 10cc 50 AD910 ‐ NW AD910 ‐ NEF AD910 ‐ NWR AD910 ‐ NRP 18.36mm 90.93mm 30cc 50 AD930 ‐ NW AD930 ‐ NEF AD930 ‐ NWR AD930 ‐ NRP 25.27mm 118.36mm 55cc 50 AD955 ‐ NW AD955 ‐ NEF AD955 ‐ NWR AD955 ‐ NRP 25.27mm 176.00mm T. +44 (0) 1908 686660 Please visit our secure web shop for full information on these products as well as details for our range of syringe barrels and precision dispensing tips. 3

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