ISO9001:2008 Certificate Adhesive Dispensing Ltd

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd ISO9001:2008


REGI STRATION CE RTI F ICATE This document certifies thot the odministrotion systems of Adhesive Dispensing Limited 50t Mllton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Milton Keynes MKl4 6GD hove been ossessed ond approved by QAS lnternotionol to the following monogement systems, standards ond guidelines: tSO 9001 : 2008

The opproved odministrotion systems opply to the following:

Provision of Fluid Handling Systems to manufacturing companies

Original Approval Current Certificate Certificate Expiry Certificate Number

2* September 2015 29h September2016 c414756

3,fiElf,l r.

Signed: Certification Officer



On behalf of OAS lnternational This c€rtrficarc remarns valid while the holder maintrains their quality administration systems in accordance wlth the standards and guidelines stated above. whEh will be audited annually by OAS lntemational. The holder is entjied to display the above reg'stralton mark lor the duration of thas certmcaE, which should be returned to OAS lnlematonalupon reasonable request' lssuing Ofncer OAS lntemalionel, 2OA Oxford Street, Malmesbury, Wiltshke SN16 gAX UK

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