G110 Sealant Gun Pneumatic 10oz


Cartridge gun dispensers are designed for the controlled application of sealants, pastes, gels, adhesives and fluids. High quality cartridge gun dispensing systems. The G110 is a lightweight, pneumatic operated, high quality dispensing applicator gun designed to accept cartridges for the application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds, and many other materials packaged in disposable cartridges or Techkit, Semkit multi-component materials. The product is made of metal, steel and plastic for tough, durable, long-term use. A bayonet retainer provides a tight fit into the ratchet handle, permitting uninterrupted operation. Suitable for use with 10 Ounce size (310ml) or 1/10 Gallon Silicone Tube cartridges that allow the use of plastic nozzles. Needle tip adapters can also be used with the cartridges for attachment of all standard needle tips. Cartridges are inserted into the cartridge gun threaded retainer. This ensures the cartridge does not move under constant use from hand pressure. All products are industrial grade and are covered by


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