F1300N Rotary Table Adhesive Dispensing

F1300N Rotary Table Adhesive Dispensing

F1300N Rotary Table

Specially designed for tackling circular dispense applications, the F1300N rotary table delivers a highly effective method of dispensing circular patterns on areas that are typically difficult to access. The Z-axis tilt on the rotary table enables controlled rotary dispensing at an angle, providing the optimum positioning for the dispense tip. Easily adjusted, the rotary table can dispense either on a horizontal or vertical wall within a component part or on an

outside wall. Features: • Adjustable Z-axis including tilt control

Product Code: Working Area: Cycle Initiation: Workable Load:


300mm / 12”

Manual or Automatic

6.6 lbs.

22.1 lbs. 100mm 0-60rpm

Tool Load:

Vertical Travel: Rotation Speed: Data Memory:

• Variable speed table.

9 Programs

I/O Signals:

2 inputs / 5 outputs

• Simple to set up and operate.


AC Input 100-240V 1.4 A, DC Output 24V DC @ 2.4 Amp

• Fully programmable for perfect dispensing.

Air input: Air output:

70-100 psi (5-7 bar)

1-100 psi (0.1-7 bar) Dimensions: (WxDxH) 13.77" x 17.04" x 22.63" Weight: 24.3 lbs. Approvals: CE, RohS, WEEE

• Fluid purge button.

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