BVX-200 Data Sheet Adhesive Dispensing


Benchtop Fume Extraction

Powerful, Portable Fume Extraction The new BVX-200 is a revolutionary two-arm filtration system that combines powerful fan performance with highly efficient filtration. The compact design and easy set-up make it truly portable. Depending on the application, two filter configurations are offered: HEPA filtration for solder fumes and gas-phase filtration for the removal of gases from solvents, conformal coating, etc. With a static pressure of 850 Pascal (3.5"WC) the filter unit delivers the suction force to assure a long filter lifetime and low operating costs. The air inlet ports allow the connection of 50 mm (2") or 63 mm (2.5") diameter exhaust arms.

Specifications Static Pressure:

Features and Benefits •

BVX-201 / BVX-203

Compact and portable

850 Pa (3.5” WC) Flow Rates (with HEPA): 2 x 75 m3/hr (45 cfm) Noise Level: < 55 dBA Dimensions (WxDxH) 508 x 254 x 388 mm (20" x 10" x 15.3") Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs) Voltage 100-240 VAC Frequency 50 – 60 Hz Power 85 Watt

High suction force and airflow HEPA efficiency at 99.97%

Optional model with deep-bed gas filter

Low noise level

Connects to 50 mm (2") or 63 mm (2.5") diameter exhaust arms


Filter Unit Kit BVX-201-Kit

Filter unit with 2 flexible arms, Pre / HEPA / Gas

Systems: BVX-201 BVX-203

Filter unit for 2 stations, Pre / HEPA /Gas Filter unit for 2 stations, Pre / Deep-Bed Gas

Arm Kit: BVX-Arm-K1

BVX-201-Kit: Filter unit with two long arms direct attached

1 Each BVX Arm 600 mm (2’) long, with 1.8 m (6’) long hose and table bracket

Accessories: BVX-Arm

Arm flexible, 600 mm (2’) long, ESD safe Arm flexible, 1200 mm (4’) long, ESD safe


Table bracket with 2 C-clamps

Connection hose, 50 mm (2") dia., 1800 mm (6’) long Connection hose, 50 mm (2") dia., 3600 mm (12’) long

Replacement Filters: FP-BVX200

Pre-filter (Pack of 5)


Main filter, HEPA 99.95% / Carbon

BVX-201 with two BVX-Arm-K1: Arms connected using flexible hose and bracket

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