BVX-103 Fume Extractor

BVX-103 Fume Extractor Adhesive Dispensing


BVX-103 Bench Top Fume Extraction System

Product Description This unit meets the needs of single users and today’s fast paced, flexible manufacturing. Compare this to larger systems and you’ll find the BVX series requires no installation, offers flexible operation, has a small space saving footprint and matches the air flow of larger multi-user systems. Set the 300mm wide plenum on the bench and turn it on for instant fume extraction. Harmful fumes and vapours are immediately removed from your operator’s area. For increased flexibility, an under bench mounting bracket is available that allows this system to be fixed below if bench space is limited. By offering top quality extraction performance and the ability to be effortlessly moved and used anywhere, the BVX-103 single arm/plenum bench top fume extractor unit is a highly flexible low cost solution to the problem of adhesive fumes and smells.

Technical Information

Size H x W x D:

290mm x 300mm x 230mm


9 kg

Static Pressure: Flow Rates: Noise Levels:

1250 Pa

85 m3/h with HEPA filter

< 55 db A 90 – 264 VAC 47 440 Hz

Voltage: Frequency:


85 W

Meets or Exceeds:



BVX-ADT: Replacement arm-to-plenum adapter BVX-IADT: Inverted arm adapter, ESD safe BVX-ARM: Replacement flexible arm, ESD safe BVX-ARML: Replacement arm 1100 long w/o nozzles BVX-BCK: Under bench mounting bracket BVX-NOZ1: Nozzle, 40mm diameter FG-BVX: Replacement deep bed carbon filter FM-BVX: Main filter (combined HEPA/gas) FP-BVX: Pre-filter (pack of 5) Warranty The BVX-103 is provided with a 12 month warranty against fault, failure and defect. Features • No installation • Flexible operation • Small space saving footprint • Quiet operation • Innovative adapter arm moves collection point to source • Basic bench top single-user Arm/Plenum system • Bi-coloured LED light to indicate blocked filters • 12 Month Warranty

All fume extractors are covered by a 1 year warranty and are CE certified.

The data, information and values contained in this Technical Data Sheet have been obtained by specific tests conducted in a controlled environment, and should be used for guidance purposes only. Although we believe them to be reliable and accurate, users should always conduct their own tests in their specific working conditions to ensure that the product is suitable and effective for use. It is the user’s sole responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for the application. Adhesive Dispensing Ltd cannot be held responsible for the results of procedures undertaken elsewhere, nor for the safeguarding of personnel or property, all of which is the duty of the user. Suitability of products or methods is discretionary. Therefore, warrantees or implied usage obligations should not be attributed to, and are not the responsibility of, Adhesive Dispensing Ltd. Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are not liable for any financial loss or other damages incurred by the user as a result of the use of this product. Product dimensions and design are approximate and could be subject to change, without notice.

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