Adhesive Dispensing Ltd Products Catalogue 2020

Smart Valve Controllers

TS560 Series Smart Valve Controllers

A series of smart valve controllers: the TS550R, TS560R, TS570R and TS580R that will control precision valves. Equipped with a universal power supply, the smart valve controllers are fully “plug ‐ and ‐ play” and can be used immediately anywhere in the world. Controllers feature an intui Ɵ ve touchscreen interface for easy setup and opera Ɵ on. Dispensing parameters can be precisely con fi gured directly on the touch screen or remotely through the networking op Ɵ ons. The smart valve controllers are equipped with Ethernet and WiFi interfaces to allow users to con fi gure the exact parameters and monitor and control the process from anywhere in the world, complying with Smart Factory requirements on Industry 4.0. Addi Ɵ onal advance features include digital Ɵ mer to provide accurate and repeatable spray Ɵ me, and a digital pressure regulator with dual ‐ unit display to allow precise pressure control. The friendly user interface provides an op Ɵ on to program up to 50 varied, sequenced or individual shots. These systems have a user programmable “purge,” “ Ɵ med” dispense cycle se ƫ ngs and a "teach mode" for determining the dispensing Ɵ me. Integra Ɵ on into semi ‐ automa Ɵ c and automa Ɵ c machinery is made easy with the I/O interface connector that can be used to ini Ɵ ate and stop the dispense cycle with feedback to the host machine for the next cycle. A low ‐ pressure warning feature is also included to help maintain uninterrupted dispensing.

Specifications: Parameters: Part Number Description TS550R

Pneumatic Valve Controller Spray Valve Controller Auger Valve Controller

TS560R TS570R TS580R

PC Pump Controller


290mm x 211mm x 99mm



Pressure: Display:

0-100 PSI

Touch Screen Timing Range: 0.008 – 99.9 seconds Time Tolerance:+/- 0.001% Input Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC Cycle Rate: 900/minute Cycle Modes: Timed, Interrupt, Teach, Purge

Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi Certification: CE, TUV-GS

Accessories: Fluid reservoirs The controller can be used in combina Ɵ on with the TS2220, TS2250, TS1258, TS22100LS pressure tanks. Fi ƫ ngs Suitable for use with all luer lock, barbed and compression fi ƫ ngs. Fluid Lines Suitable for use with tubing, fl uid lines and accessories. Dispensing Tips Suitable for use with our luer lock Ɵ p series.

Dispensing Valves

TS580R ‐ PC Pump Controller

Part Code

For Valves

TS550R TS560R TS570R TS580R

Pinch Valves, Needle Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Spool Valves

Spray Valves

Auger Motor Driven Valves

PC Pump Valves

TS570R Setup Screen

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