Adhesive Dispensing Ltd Products Catalogue 2020

Syringe dispensing components

ADV Series Syringe Barrel Rounded Components

Premium grade industrial grade syringe barrels with a radiused outlet design to improve material fl ow and barrel fi lling. Cer Ɵ fi ed silicone ‐ free and chloride free polypropylene. Luer lock leak free Ɵ p a Ʃ achment. Safe for use to 100 psi with all air powered dispensers and syringe guns. In 5 sizes and 2 colours. Use amber colour for UV cure adhesives. Supplied in sealed packs of 50, 500 or 1000.

Size 3cc 5cc





10cc ADV810BN 30cc ADV830BN 55cc ADV855BN

Typical Applica Ɵ ons: Safe to use with sealants, silicones, adhesives, glues, pastes, solvents, epoxies, RTVs, UV, fl uxes and much more. For use with air ‐ powered dispensers and manual syringe guns.

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc 30cc 55cc

Length mm

OD mm 11.56 14.99 18.29 25.65 25.65

75.18 71.90 90.90 118.36 175.51

ADV Series Wiper Air Piston Only

ADV Series End Cap and Tip Cap Seals

Syringe Barrel Components

Premium grade wiper pistons in opaque white colour suitable for use with all viscosity materials. Provides a barrier against air when used on a pneuma Ɵ c dispenser and ensures material does not leak past. Supplied in sealed packs of 50, 500 or 1000.

Unique snap ‐ on design for leakproof barrel sealing. Twist on Ɵ p caps.

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc



Size 3cc 5cc 10cc



ADV803 ‐ EC ADV805 ‐ EC ADV810 ‐ EC ADV830 ‐ EC

Type Round Straight


AD900 ‐ BTC AD700 ‐ BLPK

ADV Series Dispensing Air Barrels and Piston Kits


Clear barrels for normal fl uids, amber for UV ‐ cure fl uids (blocks UV wavelengths from 280 ‐ 390nm). Each box contains an equal number of barrels and pistons.

The connec Ɵ ng air link from the pneuma Ɵ c dispenser to the syringe barrel. Available in 5 sizes, 2 tube lengths and 2 tube diameters. High pressure design that includes a rubber O ‐ ring. Yellow head version or black head version. ADV Series Syringe Barrel Adapter Assemblies





3cc 5cc (50) ADV803BN ‐ NKIT ADV803BA ‐ DKIT (50) ADV805BN ‐ NKIT ADV805BA ‐ DKIT 10cc (50) ADV810BN ‐ NKIT ADV810BA ‐ DKIT 30cc (50) ADV830BN ‐ NKIT ADV830BA ‐ DKIT 55cc (50) ADV855BN ‐ NKIT ADV855BA ‐ DKIT

ADV Series Dispensing Air Barrels, Piston and Cap Kits Clear barrels for normal fl uids, amber for UV ‐ cure fl uids (blocks UV wavelengths from 280 ‐ 390nm). Each box contains an equal number of barrels, pistons, end caps and Ɵ p caps. Size Qty Clear Amber 3cc (50) ADV803BN ‐ NKITX ADV803BA ‐ DKITX 5cc (50) ADV805BN ‐ NKITX ADV805BA ‐ DKITX 10cc (50) ADV810BN ‐ NKITX ADV810BA ‐ DKITX 30cc (50) ADV830BN ‐ NKITX ADV830BA ‐ DKITX 55cc (50) ADV855BN ‐ NKITX ADV855BA ‐ DKITX

Yellow Head

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc

3 Ō 6mm 70303RHB 70503RHB

6 Ō 6mm 70306BHB 70506BHB 71006BHB 73006BHB 6 Ō 6mm 70306RHB 70506RHB 71006RHB 73006RHB

3 Ō 4mm 70303RHBT 70503RHBT 71003RHBT 73003RHBT 3 Ō 4mm 70303RHB4 70503RHB4 71003RHB4 73003RHB4

6 Ō 4mm 70306RHBT 70506RHBT 71006RHBT 73006RHBT 6 Ō 4mm 70306RHB4 70506RHB4 71006RHB4 73006RHB4

71003RHB 30/55cc 73003RHB

Black Head

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc

3 Ō 6mm 70303BHB 70503BHB

Use syringe barrel components with air-powered dispensers, manual syringe guns, manual plunger rods.

71003BHB 30/55cc 73003BHB

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