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Peristal Ɵ c Pump Air Free Adhesive Dispensers

Analog Timed Shot Peristal Ɵ c Pump

Air ‐ free benchtop dispensers for applying low viscosity liquids and adhesives such as Cyanoacrylate, UV cure adhesives, sol ‐ vents, etc. Does not require compressed air to operate, ac Ɵ on on the PTFE tube creates force to draw the liquid directly from the bo Ʃ le. Supplied with PTFE tubing in a range of diameters and an electric wand with bu Ʃ on or foot switch. Adjustable Ɵ mers for shot size control. 110V versions available on request. These machines are ideal for CA applica Ɵ ons or most liquids up to a viscosity of 10,000 cps.

Forward Timer: 0.01-99 Second Reverse Timer: 0.01-99 Second Min. Dot Size: 0.0001cc/ml Dimensions: 192x182x07mm Weight: 3.70kg Cycle Rate: 0.001-99 Second Voltage: 220V AC Forward Timer: 0.01-99 Second Reverse Timer: 0.01-99 Second Min. Dot Size: 0.0001cc/ml Dimensions: 180x171x82mm Weight: 2.85kg Cycle Rate: 0.001-99 Second Voltage: 220V AC Part Code DISP5500


Peristal Ɵ c Pump, Analog

Air ‐ free benchtop dispenser with digital LED display. All dispensers are CE approved with 1 Year Warranty.


Part Code DISP5600

Peristal Ɵ c Pump. Digital

PTFE Tubing for Peristal Ɵ c Pumps

Cyanoacrylate Dispensing Systems

Flexible PTFE Te fl on tubing for use with air ‐ free peristal Ɵ c pump dispensers. Easy to cut  ‐  supplied by the 10 metre length. Silicone ‐ free.

Part Code






TT ‐ 10G TT ‐ 11G TT ‐ 12G TT ‐ 13G TT ‐ 14G TT ‐ 15G TT ‐ 16G TT ‐ 17G TT ‐ 18G TT ‐ 19G TT ‐ 20G TT ‐ 21G TT ‐ 22G TT ‐ 23G TT ‐ 10G TT ‐ 10G TT ‐ 10G TT ‐ 10G

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 28 30

2.69mm 3.29mm 10 Metre White 2.41mm 3.01mm 10 Metre White 2.16mm 2.76mm 10 Metre White 1.93mm 2.53mm 10 Metre White 1.68mm 2.28mm 10 Metre White 1.50mm 2.10mm 10 Metre White 1.34mm 1.94mm 10 Metre White 1.19mm 1.79mm 10 Metre White 1.07mm 1.67mm 10 Metre White 0.96mm 1.56mm 10 Metre White 0.86mm 1.46mm 10 Metre White 0.81mm 1.31mm 10 Metre White 0.71mm 1.21mm 10 Metre White 0.66mm 1.16mm 10 Metre White 0.56mm 1.06mm 10 Metre White 0.46mm 0.86mm 10 Metre White 0.38mm 0.78mm 10 Metre White 0.30mm 0.70mm 10 Metre White

Accessories for Peristal Ɵ c Pump

All pumps use an electric hand wand to make the deposit as standard but op Ɵ onal foot pedals are available. Replacement parts available.


Part Code 800 ‐ EFP

Peristal Ɵ c Pump, Finger Wand Replacement Wand Nozzle End Replacement Foot Switch

800EFP ‐ END

800 ‐ FSP

Vacuum Pickup Tools

Vacuum pick & place pencils for hand placement of small components. Connect to regulated air supply or use TS350 bench dispenser. So Ō  silicone suc Ɵ on cups will not scratch or damage sensi Ɵ ve surfaces, equipment or parts. Can be used in temperatures from  ‐ 55º C to 230º C.

Part Code

Descrip Ɵ on


Manual Vacuum Pickup Tool Electric Vacuum Pickup Tool Manual Vacuum Pickup Tool ESD Safe Vacuum Pickup Tool Mixed Kit of Vac Rubber Cups

VPPE511 ‐ LF VPP803 ‐ LF


560046 ‐ NH

Pen for VPPE511 ‐ LF Pen for VPP803 ‐ LF


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