Adhesive Dispensing Ltd Product Catalogue

About Us We are a company drawing from over 30 years of industry experience in fl uid dispensing applica Ɵ ons, and material repackaging. With a strong believe that the highest quality products, innova Ɵ ve features, compe ƟƟ ve pricing, on ‐Ɵ me deliveries and customer support are the essen Ɵ al factors that create the successful partnership with our clients. We o ff er leading edge dispensing systems and industrial dispensing components developed to meet the applica Ɵ on demands of our customers while maximising the total cost savings. Our products range from a selec Ɵ on of bench ‐ top air ‐ powered dispensers to precision moulded disposable components, applicator guns, metering valves, rotary tables and XYZ robots. Adhesive Dispensing Limited meets our customers needs, from suppor Ɵ ng low ‐ volume applica Ɵ ons, prototype assembly, fi eld based work, automated produc Ɵ on cells or high volume assembly lines. We also work with many universi Ɵ es and schools. Helping customers in aerospace, electronics, automo Ɵ ve, medical device, engineering and general assembly. We o ff er customers the technology and support to increase both e ffi ciency, reduce costs and add value for their applica Ɵ ons. We also have exper Ɵ se in providing syringes and barrels contract repackaged with a customers speci fi ed adhesive, grease or paste as well as a wide range of performance adhesives. Supplied ready ‐ to ‐ use. We hold substan Ɵ al stocks of dispensing products for next day delivery, we are ISO9001:2015 quality cer Ɵ fi ed and all products are CE approved. We have our industrial warehouse and o ffi ces based in Milton Keynes close to all main roads. We welcome visitors by pre ‐ appointment to discuss projects or test equipment. Or please contact us to have a sales engineer visit your site

with product samples and provide an equipment demonstra Ɵ on. We look forward to working with you. Please contact our Product Specialists if you would like a speci fi c quota Ɵ on or for technical support.

Ordering Process Our simple order process allows us to pack and despatch many products typically within 48 hours. A Ō er placing your order an email con fi rma Ɵ on is sent to you. Our products are conveniently despatched via couriers (UK, Europe and Worldwide). Once goods despatch, an email is sent con fi rming shipment and the tracking code. One ‐ Year (12 months) Warranty With our commitment to deliver an extraordinary service and high calibre products, we guarantee to the original purchaser that your order is received free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the original purchase date. This warranty applies to the product in normal use and is subject to all product usage documenta Ɵ on. Should you need to return a faulty ADL product, please contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorisa Ɵ on (RMA) before sending back.

2 +44 (0) 1908 686660

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