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Luer lock dispensing Ɵ ps

Precision Dispense Tips

Performance dispensing Ɵ ps for use with syringe barrels, dispense bo Ʃ les, metering valves and XYZ robots. Our Ɵ ps are industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi fl uid pressures and are cer Ɵ fi ed silicone ‐ free materials. Luer lock secure a Ʃ achment for leak free precision dispensing. Our extensive range of dispensing Ɵ ps are suitable for use on luer lock and luer slip syringe barrels, luer fi ƫ ngs, metering valves and luer bo Ʃ les. All Ɵ ps feature the same female luer lock hub for safe connec Ɵ on. Tips can be used for dispensing most fl uids, adhesives, pastes, solvents or chemicals. Standard Ɵ ps are colour coded that indicates the outlet size and feature a polypropylene hub to stainless steel tubes in a wide range of lengths. All metal precision Ɵ ps are custom built ‐ to ‐ order and available in most gauge sizes and any length. Smooth fl ow tapered Ɵ ps are designed to dispense higher viscosity gels and pastes. Aluminium hub and crimped hub Ɵ ps are recommended for use with aggressive solvents and chemicals. Polypropylene tube Ɵ ps are so Ō and will not scratch sensi Ɵ ve surfaces. Te fl on and Te fl on lined Ɵ ps are designed for Cyanoacrylate adhesives. Brush Ɵ ps are used for spreading and coa Ɵ ng applica Ɵ ons. Metal tapered Ɵ ps are used on high precision robots. And Ɵ p kits contain an assorted for users to evaluate and test.

We supply our Ɵ ps in boxes of 50 or in bulk value packs of 500 or 1000. All boxes and packs are labelled and include batch codes.

Tip Components

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