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Syringe dispensing components

700 Series Barrel Complete Adapter Assemblies

The connec Ɵ ng air link from the pneuma Ɵ c dispenser to the syringe barrel. Available in 5 sizes, 2 tube lengths and 2 tube diameters. High pressure design that includes a rubber O ‐ ring. Yellow head version or black head version.

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc Size 3cc 5cc 10cc

3 Ō 6mm 70303RHB 70503RHB

6 Ō 6mm 70306BHB 70506BHB 71006BHB 73006BHB 6 Ō 6mm 70306RHB 70506RHB 71006RHB 73006RHB

3 Ō 4mm 70303RHBT 70503RHBT 71003RHBT 73003RHBT 3 Ō 4mm 70303RHB4 70503RHB4 71003RHB4 73003RHB4

6 Ō 4mm 70306RHBT 70506RHBT 71006RHBT 73006RHBT 6 Ō 4mm 70306RHB4 70506RHB4 71006RHB4 73006RHB4

Yellow Head

71003RHB 30/55cc 73003RHB

3 Ō 6mm 70303BHB 70503BHB

Black Head

71003BHB 30/55cc 73003BHB

Available in yellow or black colour. Barbed. Includes rubber O ‐ ring. Adapter Head Only

Inline Filter Traps

Adapter Quick Connects

Metal Tube Crimps

Fit in the middle of adapter hose to protect dispenser.

Fi ƫ ngs to a Ʃ ach to most air powered dispensers.

Steel crimps to secure adapter air tube to the adapter head barbs.

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc

Yellow 703R








Part 1400

70300RHR 70500RHR 71000RHR 73000RHR

Fits All 533Y


Blue Straight Round Disc White Straight

1500 ‐ FLT

Fits All

705R 710R

881 ‐ 000 ‐ 000

1400 ‐ FLT

30/55cc 730R

700 Series Manual Plunger Rods and Pistons

Convert the 700 series syringe barrels into manual assemblies using the plunger rod and rubber pistons. Works with 3cc, 5cc, 10cc and 30cc 700 series syringe barrels.

Part Code 7030004PPK 7030002MPK 7050004PPK 7050002MPK 7100004PPK 7100002MPK 7030002M ‐ LUBK 7050002M ‐ LUBK 7100002M ‐ LUBK 7300002M ‐ LUBK 7300002MPK 7300004PPK

Descrip Ɵ on

700 Series Manual Plunger, 3cc 700 Series Piston Rubber, 3cc

700 Series Piston Rubber Lubricated, 3cc 700 Series Manual Plunger, 5cc 700 Series Piston Rubber Lubricated, 5cc 700 Series Manual Plunger, 10cc 700 Series Piston Rubber, 5cc

Syringe Barrel Components

700 Series Piston Rubber, 10cc

700 Series Piston Rubber Lubricated, 10cc

700 Series Manual Plunger, 30cc 700 Series Piston Rubber, 30cc

700 Series Piston Rubber Lubricated, 30cc

700 Series Cap Seals

So Ō polyethylene luer lock. Caps are reusable. Easy removal. Seals barrel Ɵ p.

High density polypro luer lock. Caps are reusable. Easy removal. Seals barrel Ɵ p.

High density polyethylene luer lock. Caps are reusable. Easy removal. Seals barrel Ɵ p.

Snap ‐ on polyethylene so Ō material. Caps are reusable. Easy removal. Seals barrel top.

Size 3cc 5cc 10cc


Blue 703000CBPK 705000CBPK 710000CBPK 730000CBPK

Colour Orange Black White

Part Code AD900 ‐ ORTC AD900 ‐ BLTC AD900 ‐ WHTC AD700 ‐ BLPK AD900 ‐ CLTC

Colour Orange Black Green

Part Code AD400 ‐ ORTC AD900 ‐ BLACK AD900 ‐ GNTC AD900 ‐ BTC

Colour Orange

Part Code 800 ‐ ORTC 800 ‐ BLTC 900 ‐ WHTC

AD903 ‐ ECO AD905 ‐ ECO AD910 ‐ ECO AD930 ‐ ECO

Black Clear


Blue Clear


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