Adhesive Dispensing Catalogue

Fluid Reservoirs

Pressure pots for use with many low to medium viscosity fluids and adhesives. Supplied with fluid lines and fiƫngs for feeding the liquid to dispense valves. Adjustable air regulators to set flow rates. LS ver- sions have electric low fluid level sensors. All tanks are CE cerƟfied. Use low pressure version for wa- tery liquids such as Cyanoacrylates and solvents.

Pressure Pots

Code Size TS1215 0.5 Litre TS2220 2.0 Litre TS2215 2.0 Litre TS2250 5.0 Litre TS2215 5.0 Litre TS1258 5.0 Litre TS1262 7.6 Litre

Pressure 0-60 PSI 0-75 PSI 0-15 PSI 0-75 PSI 0-15 PSI 0-100 PSI 0-60 PSI

Material Aluminium Stainless Stainless Stainless Stainless Aluminium Stainless

CE cerƟfied Adjustable regulators Fluid lines included Low pressure for CAs Low maintenance

Typical Materials:

TS1263 11.5 Litre 0-60 PSI


To feed glues, paints, primers, acƟvators, adhesives, oils, solvents, lubricants and more.

TS1265 19 Litre

0-60 PSI



10 Litre

0-75 PSI

Level sensor

Pressure feed systems for liquids, gels and pastes from industry standard plasƟc cartridges and silicone tubes. Dispense direct using nozzles or as a fluid feed to dispense valves. Includes metal body sleeve, air cap and airline hose with quick connect fiƫng. Regulators available to control air pressure into cap.

Ideal for pastes and gels Includes air hose & connector Supplied complete Regulators available Aluminium version are sloƩed Industrial grade parts

Cartridge Reservoirs

Part Code


Material Steel Steel Steel Steel


6oz (177ml)


8oz (237ml)


10oz (310ml)


12oz (355ml)


2.5oz (75ml)

Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium


6oz (177ml)

Typical Materials:


8oz (237ml)

To feed silicones, RTVs, gels, pastes, epoxies, glues, inks, primers, sealants, glues, solder pastes and more.


12oz (355ml) Aluminium

Use a filter regulator with any cartridge reservoir system. Allows the pressure to be adjusted to suit the material being dispensed. Regulators can be used with our standard air feed tubing and push-fit fiƫngs.

Filter Regulator

Part Code



0-100 PSI Gauge


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