ADQHP10-KIT Manual 10cc Plunger Rod with Kit

ADQHP10-KIT Manual 10cc Plunger Rod with Kit

Product Sheet

Part Code ADQHP10-KIT

Manual hand plungers have been designed to offer users a clean,

Wide Push Top

comfortable alternative and improvement to conventional squeeze

bottles and hypodermic syringes. The ergonomic, and safety con-

scious design of the new syringe dispensers enables consistent fa-

tigue free dispensing, and ensures that no potentially harmful adhe-

sives or sealants will contact the users skin.

A portable and lightweight reusable hand syringe applicator for apply-

ing most pastes, gels, fluxes, adhesives and greases. Works with our

Rigid Rod Design

10cc industrial grade barrels and wiper pistons. When a small spot of

grease is required to a motor assembly, or repair work, prototypes,

etc., the dispenser is ideal. Simple barrel attachment and comfortable

in the hand.

The basic plunger supplied will also include (30) 10cc barrel, (30) 10cc

piston, (30) barrel end cap seal, (30) barrel tip cap seal and (50) as-

sorted precision dispensing tips.

For Syringe Size:

10cc or 10ml



Pushes into syringe barrel piston





Top Width:




This product is also available as plunger rod only. Order part code

ADQHP10. All manual hand plunger rods are designed to be reusa-

ble. For dispensing very high viscosity materials by hand, please

consider our TS9150 air-powered bench dispenser.

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