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70303RHB Syringe Barrel Adapter Assembly 3cc

Product Description

Technical Information

70303RHB is an air adapter assembly for 3cc/ml size industrial air syringe barrels. It allows an air connection between a pneumatic bench dispenser to a 3cc syringe. It consists of a bayonet adapter receiver head, 3ft long airline hose, EPR rubber O-Ring, white hose safety clip and male quick connect dispenser fitting. Typical Applications Use this adapter with any air powered dispenser. The quick connect fitting can be used with most systems or removed from the tube end for an alternative attachment. Instructions for Use 1. Locate the adapter head to the top of the syringe barrel. 2. Push on 3cc syringe barrel. 3. Twist receiver head clockwise to lock in place. 4. Attach male connect end to a pneumatic dispenser. 5. Adjust air pressure to set flow of material inside syringe barrel.

Syringe Size:

3cc/ 3ml

Colour: Weight:

Yellow head & connect/ Clear PU tube

20 gm


Polypro Head/ PU Tubing/ EPR Rubber

Hose Length:

3 ft. (914.40mm)

Hose Diameter:

¼” (6.35mm)

Maximum Pressure:

100 psi (7 Bar)


This adapter assembly is also available with a 6ft long air hose. Part code is 70306RHB . And a smaller diameter 4mm OD tube. Part code is 70303RHB4 . Replacement heads, O- rings, tubing, connectors for adapter assemblies are all held in stock. Packaging The 70303RHB syringe is supplied in sealed packaging with label & batch code, fully assembled & ready for use. Health & Safety in Use The 70303RHB syringe is safe to use under pressures of up to 100 psi. This syringe fits comfortably in the hand to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injury. Benefits  Flexible clear PU see-thru air tube

 Safe for use to 100 psi air pressure (7 Bar)  Compatible with all pneumatic dispensers  Easy lock/ unlock syringe attachment

 Available direct from stock  Versatile 3cc air feed system

Dispensing components are available to order direct from stock. We ship globally using tracked couriers from our warehouses. Our web shops provide secure & safe encrypted online purchasing. We can offer 30-day payment credit accounts upon application. Credit card payments can be made by phone. Or please fax your orders to +44(0) 845 652 0059 or +44 (0) 1908 686836. Our newly updated website is at www.adhesivedispensing.co.uk

This adapter is compatible with most industry standard 3cc size pneumatic dispensing barrels. A safety clip is included to allow the pipe to be closed when changing dispensing tips. All adapters are made from silicone-free plastics and are certified safe for industrial use. A typical 3cc barrel has an inner diameter of 9.6mm. Use our parts 903-N or 7030LL1NPK.

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