1000T User Guide


Thank you for purchasing the 1000T pneumatic timed syringe barrel dispenser. Dispensing systems are supplied tested and are made using high quality parts to ensure that your time is spent where it belongs, on productivity. The 1000T will accept most airline feeds up to 100psi. You can use most fluids such as braze pastes, solder flux, RTV silicone, epoxy resins, grease, thread-lockers and PVA using barrels and tips supplied in the box. This user guide will answer most of the more common questions and help you to maximise the benefits from your new 1000T fluid dispensing system. The 1000T is widely used by manufacturing companies in the engineering, electronics industry, aviation, automotive, food, medical device, aerospace, cosmetics, craft work, education, chemicals and general industry. Dispensers can apply a range of deposits from a very small dot to large volumes - handling watery liquids to thick pastes, from repeat and rapid dots to controlled beads.

To achieve maximum performance from this equipment, please read the instructions carefully.

After completing this guide, please do not hesitate to contact the technical team at Adhesive Dispensing Ltd.

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